Successful landscape projects begin with a plan. We feel that a landscape plan is successful if it takes into consideration all the parts necessary to become a whole; addressing function first. Calibre Landscapes begins the process by listening to the homeowner. Homeowners are usually able to express what is not working with their property, and how they envision using their spaces once the project is completed. It is our task to take the information they provide, assess the existing conditions, and then develop a plan which considers growing conditions, client’s tastes, and appropriateness to the architecture of the home.


A great landscape design is only as good as the quality of its installation. At Calibre Landscapes, we lead a professional team of installers who consider this their life’s work. Alex uses a hands-on approach to be certain that the process moves flawlessly from beginning to end. Construction and plant materials are all sourced by him personally. Soil preparation, proper drainage, irrigation requirements, and selection of the best plant materials are all parts of the whole; each receiving special attention. The details are evident in the finished product.

Garden Services

Once the work of creating a garden or landscape is completed, proper management is essential in nurturing the garden to maturity and maintaining the intent of the design. A garden is ever evolving, and we take pride in offering our garden services to preserve the health of all plantings, using proper horticultural practices, along with professional pruning skills. This along with personal service is what sets Calibre Landscapes apart from the ordinary lawn maintenance company.